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Video Marketing

What we do with video marketing


Our video production includes everything  from pre-production through to going live. Typical examples of our work include simple interview to camera, talking hands, product promotion and event highlights. The work we do is part of our integrated approach, ensuring a link between video marketing and sales marketing strategy that we provide all customers.


What we don`t do is make corporate videos, that`s not we do and the old fashioned corporate video productions have changed hugely. We do video marketing, so we take video and create engaging content, typically the average video we produce is less than 1 minute. Think about it - when was the last time you watched a promotional video for more than a minute?


Interesting Fact:  Video Content produced by the iPlus Team members combined broke the 1 Million views mark in January 2017.

Promotional video

Promotional videos are short video clips that are very much an advertisement for your business and are often less than 40 seconds in duration. 


Featuring moving content, onscreen benefit statements, music and a clear call to action. The viewer should be able to watch this and understand either what the company offers or what the product or service is and then can make contact.


Promotional Video Top Tip – less is more

Interview video

There are many times where an interview to camera can help to build a story. Interview type videos are used to show a person within a business to build trust with that person and to give some valuable information to a viewer. Interview videos are used where you need to speak about an event, a company or a product.


These videos can be used within a website or to an already engaged audience. Interview videos are usually much longer although sound bites from within it can be used on social media.


Interview Video Top Tip – ideal when talking to an engaged audience.

Tutorial video

We have a number of clients that use video to provide information for frequently asked questions and use video to answer these, we also have clients that use video to explain through a tutorial on a subject or topic.


These videos are either one long video piece or broken down into smaller video pieces.


Tutorial Video Top Tip – if a picture tells a thousand words then what can video do!

Case study video

More and more companies what to showcase what they do, and what works better than a solid case study to show to prospective new clients.


A case study video needs to be well thought out and planned well in advance. Integrita Plus work with all clients to look at using Case Study video and we can also create a pdf word copy alongside the video which can include more technical information.


The expertise that iPlus has is within the sales process so let us show you how we can create a comprehensive case study program for your business.


Case Study Video Top Tip – plan a case study ahead and make sure you capture each stage from start to finish not just the finish.

Aerial video

Where are pleased to offer video for clients where it is needed.


There was a rush on using drones that began about 3 years ago, today drones are used in a far more strategic way and not just having drone footage for the use of it.


We are able to use drone footage for certain applications such as automotive, property and action sports. Our team operators are trained and registered users of drones and this is an important point.


Aerial Video Top Tip – Never use unregistered drone users.

Social media video

Video is hugely common place on social media platforms today, but only selected businesses are entering into this sector. The bigger consumer brands do social media video well and spend hundreds of thousands of pounds to make a difference and engage with their market.


We work with our business clients to use social media video in a cost effective way to engage with an audience. Our social media offering is based on our overall sales engagement program with clients. The key with social media video is for it to look professional and engage with the audience.

Social Media Video Top Tip – if you do it cheaply it will look cheap

Online channels video

Video hosting platforms such as YouTube give people the opportunity not only to host their video uploads, but also become an Online Broadcast Channel with a regular programme offering that could never have been achieved before.


Niche markets can seize on viewers who would watch an online channel dedicated to that niche. Integrita Plus has vast experience in this sector and also have a number of our ow online channels.


Online Channel Top Tip – the growth of vlogging shows the potential of online channels.