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Sales Marketing

What we do with Sales

iPlus are driven by results for clients and being an extension of your business. We don’t just look at sales, we look at the whole sales and marketing process, for many clients we become the marketing team.

We believe in measuring everything in the sales and lead generation by looking at sales and marketing activity and results from the activity. Too many businesses focus purely in sales, sales and sales, but it is key to see how a sale or lead has been generated. By clear measurement of activity and results we are able to develop a comprehensive plan for your sales growth.

The other areas we look at with sales is what sales strategy will work for a client and the steps forward to creating great sales and lead generation.


Ask about our Sales Workshops and Tutorials all made to help you in your business. We run Sales Marketing Training workshops for clients in our Cheltenham office.

Lead Generation

Leads can be generated in a number of ways and through a number of different campaigns, we look at a multi-channel approach to lead generation.


We are able to look at the right channel or channels to get your business new leads and customers, be that telemarketing, direct mail, microsites, social media advertising and much more.

Lead Generation Top Tip – measure everything you do in regard to marketing.

Social Media

There are many ways in which we help our clients and the use of Social Media is one of them. iPlus have embraced the use of social media and  the way it can be used for engagement.

We work with all of our clients to carefully manage all platforms including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and also You Tube. Talk to us on how we work and our approach to generating your business more sales.

Social Media Top Tip - be consistent even if you only post an update once a week.


Telemarketing used in the right way is an essential tool for any business when generating new leads and engaging with existing clients. Telemarketing can be used both as an outbound or inbound marketing tool and we are able to provide this as an outbound solution for your business.

Our specialism is in pilot telemarketing campaigns leading to long term profitable campaigns in many different B2B sectors.

Telemarketing Top Tip – telemarketing if targeted can bring positive results.

CRM Management

Technology is at our fingertips today and there are many different ways to use your data on customers and prospects, although many businesses still use spreadsheets and some still use old fashioned record cards! Data is hugely important if used correctly and can make your business more money.

We work with clients to clean databases, add new lists to the data and run profitable campaigns that are targeted on the data of the individual and their history with the business.

Top Tip – capture data wherever you can and record it.