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Content Marketing

What we do with Content

Content has always been an important element for any sales campaign to increase sales and ultimately engagement with clients and prospects. The iplus marketing approach is to identify your key messages and key clients to create engaging content.

Content we produce covers social media, websites, sales materials and general advertising.

iPlus marketing work with many different clients in a number of sectors including education, hospitality, automotive and many others.

Let us help increase your sales and engagement through a dedicated campaign.


We work with many clients on creating content for their new or existing websites. Websites today are increasingly viewed on mobile platforms and people are looking for specific information in a quick and easy way.

Working with clients we ensure that content is engaging and reflects the needs of the individual viewing the page, so that engagement is high.

Website Top Tip – make sure you plan out how content on your website will be used.

Social Media

There are many ways in which we help our clients and the use of Social Media is one of them. iPlus have embraced the use of social media and  the way it can be used for engagement.

Content needs to be varied on each social media platform based on how people use platforms to view content and how people engage.

Social Media Top Tip - be consistent with your message.

Sales Materials

Using content in sales materials is very different to writing a good story. Sales content needs to focus on the Fact Feature and Benefit principles, through creating a need.

Our experience of working in many different industries helps to shape the right content to increase engagement and ultimately increased sales. Speak to use about our Sales Content Workshops.

Sales Material Top Tip – always be closing with your sales call to actions!


Advertising is ever changing, but whichever form of advertising you use you need to get your message across each time in an easy to understand format.

For many years we have applied the AIDA principle and this governs much of what we produce for clients. If you want to know more about AIDA then why not book into one of our workshops designed for your company.

Top Tip – you have less that a second to gain someone`s attention!